Prosthodontics on Teeth


It is the specialisation in dentistry that focuses on reconstruction of teeth with artificial materials.

Those are the crowns, fixed dental bridges , onlays and removable dentures partial or full.

Full porcelain crowns

Full porcelain crowns are highly aesthetic restorations, totally bio-compatible that are used to restore damaged teeth from decay, wear or cracks.

They came to replace the old fashioned (PFM) crowns that due to the metal core they have poor aesthetics that tend to show a gray discoloration on the tooth around the margins and are unsuitable to patients with allergies in metal components.


Fixed dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge is being attached on the teeth before and after the gap and support the bridge. It is not being removed and for that purpose the supportive teeth are reduced in size slightly. They play an important role in dentistry as missing teeth should always be replaced in order to keep the masticatory function, speech and occlusion of the mouth in a stability. When a tooth is being extracted, the opponent tooth and the teeth

approximately to it tend to lean towards the space creating a complete disoraganisation of the dental arch. A highly aesthetic result can be achieved due to the all-ceramic materials that can be used.


The onlays and overlays are conservative restorations as the teeth are minimally prepared. They are made in the lab from ceramic or composite and are strongly cemented to damaged teeth. They have excellent aesthetics,