Pediatric Dentistry

At our Clinic we provide dental care to children and adolescents. We treat young patients very carefully because it is important to establish a long-term harmonious relationship between doctor and a child patient.
We treat problems of caries and gingivitis in new teeth, the maintenance of which is very important and greatly affects the health of permanent teeth.
We pay special attention to good oral health, prevention with fluoridation and preventive blockages (sealants), treatment of dysfunctional habits, early orthodontic treatment during mixed dentition and finally in the prevention of injuries during sports, providing children with special braces.

Fluoridation of the teeth is an important measure to combat tooth decay and is applied in children after the age of 3 years as well as in adults at high risk of tooth decay. Fluoride contributes to the tooth’s resistance to microbial acids and the remineralisation of enamel. In addition to fluoridation in the office, daily brushing of teeth with fluoride toothpaste contributes significantly to the resistance of teeth against caries.

Fluoride is completely safe through topical administration and it is recommended to repeat it every 6 months if deemed appropriate.

Because children are not yet able to brush their teeth effectively, they need special care and prevention to ensure the health and longevity of their permanent teeth. Thus, in addition to fluoride, preventive coatings of holes and cracks (sealants) are applied to the permanent teeth at the age of 6 years and then in order to prevent the formation of caries.