Brushing Splints are mobile personalized toothpicks that apply to teeth in people who grit or ‘grind’ their teeth mainly during nighttime sleep as
result of intense stress or poor convergence (application) of the teeth together.
As a result of the bruxism, the teeth wear out (appearance of abrasions) or even break, while the appearance of accompanying symptoms such as headaches, earaches and clicking sound of the jaw is common.
They are worn mainly at night. In this way, the teeth are protected, since they do not come into contact due to the presence of the splint.


Sports splints are mobile rubber appliances that are applied on the teeth and protect the teeth, gums and jaws – up and down – of the athlete from any injuries – fractures, during sports activities.
The way they protect the oral cavity is that they mitigate the forces exerted on the lower jaw or the lower jaw joint but also on the whole skull, at the moment of a blow or a fall. As a result, injuries are significantly reduced in both bones and soft tissues and in the brain.