Dental Implants

The dental implant is an artificial dental root that is constructed from titanium base which is the only bio-compatible material that can be integrated in the jaw bone. In dentistry they are used many years now to replace missing teeth. They are many dental implants however in our practice we use only use implants from well known companies with bibliografic reviews that report 98% success rates!

The placement of an implant requires healthy and adequate bone. However, many patients due to multiple extractions in an early age or even for anatomic reasons do not satisfy the minimum bone requirements. In our practice due to contemporary methods of bone regeneration we succeed in the dental reconstruction even in the most difficult cases. Some of our techniques include digital planning our treatment as well as the use of autologous grafts with growth factors and stem cells from the patient’s blood. As a result a full mouth rehabilitation is now possible in only a few appointments with an immediate load of the implants!